ABC Field Trip Fundraiser

The Dr. Gerald B. Probe Fieldtrip Fundraiser supports the cost of fieldtrips and field trip bussing for all students during the school year. Our school community would like to move away from parent drivers for field trips, due to the problems associated with legal requirements for car seats and booster seats, and the many complications surrounding organizing parent drivers. Dr. Probe Parent Council supports a school wide fundraiser that works toward eliminating parent drivers, pays for bussing and for field trip fees.


1.     Help your child approach people you approve of to ask for a donation.

2.     Complete the attached student tracking form to record donor details.

3.     Once donations are completed via School Cash Online, please return student  tracking form to the school to be eligible for prizes.

4.     ***All donations are to be made via School Cash Online***

5.      Remember to return the tracking form to school in order to be eligible for prize.

Students will receive one draw ticket per sponsor for


Ask your child for details!!!

Example: 10 sponsors = 10