Severe Weather

Severe Weather Conditions Procedure


1. The decision to close the schools will be made by the Superintendent of Schools or designate.

2. The Superintendent will only close schools in the case of inclement weather if the school bus transportation system is non-operational. Schools will remain open if the bus transportation system is partially operational.

3. The decision to operate the bus transportation system lies with the City of Lethbridge Transit Department, the contracted services for Lethbridge School District No. 51.

4. If schools are “closed,” they are considered non-operational for instruction. Communication to the public will state that “all schools are closed for the day.”

5. If schools are closed, staff are not required to come to work, EXCEPT

5.1 All schools will have one designated custodian that will be responsible for ensuring the facility is in good operating order.
5.2 All schools will have a minimum of two education staff designated to be at the school to unlock the doors by regular student arrival time. The purpose of the designated staff is to ensure that personnel is in place to receive students in the event that the student and family is unaware that the school has been closed. This is a necessary safety precaution.
5.3 The two designated staff should live in close proximity to the school site to ensure that they can make it to the school.
5.4 The designated staff will be familiar with communication strategies the school has in place to respond to parent inquiries.
5.5 If students arrive at the school, the staff will contact parents/guardians and make arrangements for the student(s) to go home in a safe manner as expediently as possible.
5.6 The designated education staff may return home when any students who arrived at the school are confirmed to be at home with a parent or designated caregiver (with parent knowledge), and after 90 minutes from the first class bell, or in the case of high schools, 10 minutes after the start of the second class period.

6. It is understood that the decision to close schools needs to be made as early as possible for communication purposes. The Superintendent will maintain communication with the City of Lethbridge Transit department with the goal of being informed of the status of bus transportation by 6:15 a.m.

7. The following streams of communication will be used to convey that buses are non-operational and schools are closed:

7.1 Email from Superintendent to all staff and Board members
7.2 Text message from Superintendent to all principals and Executive Council