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My Child's Learning

Be informed. Be involved. Alberta is committed to creating an inclusive education system that inspires and enables al...

School Cash Online

Gerald Probe will begin utilizing School Cash Online for an increasing number of items at the school such as; fees, hot...

Terry Fox Walk

Thanks to all who joined us on the Terry Fox walk.

Earth Rangers

Check it out: The "Earth Rangers" are coming. Fri., Nov.28: 10:20-11:20am www.earthrangers.com PDF Info Page http://...

Feed the Bug!

Thanks to everyone who helped us Feed the Bug! All food items were turned over to the Lethbridge Food Bank - thanks fo...

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Upcoming Events

Feb 17 - No School
Feb 27 - Grade 4 Drama Club
Feb 27 - Jr Choir
Mar 1 - RMBA grade 4
Mar 1 - School Council
Mar 6 - Grade 4 Drama Club
Mar 8 - Grade 5 Staking
Mar 8 - RMBA grade 4
Mar 13 - Grade 4 Drama Club
Mar 15 - RMBA grade 4
Mar 20 - Grade 4 Drama Club
Mar 22 - RMBA grade 4